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Electronic Recycling

In Oregon, it’s free and easy to safely recycle TVs, computers, laptops, printers, monitors and tablets. The Oregon E-Cycles program ensures harmful materials like lead and mercury that are often found in older electronics are kept out of our air, soil and water. When we recycle our unwanted electronics, we are each doing our part to keep our state clean, safe and sustainable.
Both Oregon E Cycles logos (above and left) are hyperlink to their main website for additional information.

Anyone can take seven or fewer items to the more than 200 convenient locations across the state. Accepted items* include:


Our Electronics Recycling Depot is open Monday – Thursday 7am to 4pm and from 7am to 3pm on Fridays. We will have specific events for weekend Electronic Recycling, we will post on website homepage and city websites. 

How to Recycle your Electronics?

Because we have a secure location, this is to ensure your data security in case information has not been wiped from the device (which is recommended to delete all user information), all customers must check into our office. Once you have checked into the office staff will then direct you and escort you to where the material can be placed. Signage will direct you to where each item can be placed. Please follow all written signage and keep our facility clean. 

*For addtional information on how to recycle electronics or for assistance on where to recycle items not listed above please call our office at 503.838.0464*